2-Nov-2017: Entire Life

“I have come so that my ENTIRE life is yours”- John 10:10b

The other day I was driving and I heard a voice ask me: “If He is your Father and gives you absolutely nothing, will you still accept Him as Your Father?”.

My response to the voice: “Because He is my Father, I will not lack and He will not stop giving. I will have more than enough for every second. If I am being emptied, it will not be for humiliation but to be filled again with the newness of His glory

Job and his trials ended there, he represented the whole of us and slapped the enemy at the face. Jesus came in later and declared according to the Father’s heart: “I have come so that NOW you may #live to the full”. It’s not circumstances that gives us our fulfilment, but our unwavering confidence that in any need, He is sufficient and abundant.


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