17-Oct-2017 : Your Spark

“And though your beginning was small, your future would flourish.” – Job‬ ‭8:7‬ ‭

Don’t be afraid or discouraged to start small. The hand-sized cloud is enough to bring about rains that outflows to an entire city.

A spark alone can light the whole forest on fire and you beloved, have the spark of Christ to take the future to its glorious brightness.

Also, whatever you have lost in the past or in this moment, it will be nothing compared to what He has reserved for you. Every second He is faithful to gush it out as we keep drawing closer and growing in faith.


One thought on “17-Oct-2017 : Your Spark

  1. I love this and needed this today! A small spark can cause a huge forest fire; so much truth and a great reminder to go at God’s divine pace instead of mine:)


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