23-Oct-2017: Held Close

When a well-known and anointed prophet turns up at home, not one of the household members even considered him worthy enough to be introduced. In every way, David was at the bottom.

Bring the brothers, food. Save the sheep and himself from the lions and the bears. And, no one to bother if he came out dead or alive. Yet! Why did David step up to fight Goliath? There was something that solidified his faith and confidence.

Even if my father and mother reject me, the Lord will hold me close – Psalm 27:10

David heard from God’s heart beat. The words that said, “You are my beloved Son”. From the core of God’s acceptance, David faced the giant. Not so that he could be accepted by his household, but fully being assured that He was accepted unconditionally by His Father in Heaven. David saw in God a Mum, a Dad, a Brother, a Sister, a Friend and a Lover who held him close.


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  1. This reminds me of when Jesus said, “Who are my brothers and sisters and mother?”, meaning that everyone who does the will of God is family, more so than biological family.


  2. This is a great reminder that God is always there to pick up our broken pieces. God is the father to the fatherless and adopts us all as his own. Be blessed!


  3. This is a truth I clung to when I had discord with some family members. It wasn’t always easy, but He did see me through and now we are repairing the relationship!


  4. So good to remember the love God has for us too and that He wants to hold and carry us through our hardships. We too can face our giants when our eyes are fixed on the Lord!


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