Multiplies in Sharing

Then He broke the loaves and [repeatedly] gave them to the disciples to set before the people; and He divided up the two fish among them all. – Mark 6:41

Jesus blessed the five loaves of bread and two fishes and He asked His disciplines to DISTRIBUTE it to the crowd. The bread and loaves didn’t multiply all of a sudden, it happened as they started giving out what was in the box. Imagine! to every person that they gave one or two bread, and the fish, the five loaves and two fishes kept on multiplying. Theologians says the people who gathered there were close to 15000. After everyone ate, they happened to pack the remaining left overs and found that they could fill 12 baskets with them.

Jesus could have given the bread and the fish by Himself to the crowd. He didn’t need the disciples to do this, but He chose them to witness this miracle and collect back the abundance in the end.

When the basket was lifted down after Jesus blessed it, still there was only five loaves and two fishes. With boggled mind, the disciples decided TO OBEY and SHARE which was in their hand. A word of encouragement, a gesture of kindness, a persistent prayer and an extra-mile love shared is what brings multiplication. When you share His Word, thoughts, and act them in full submission to the Holy Spirit, heaven releases a blessing of multiplication. Whatever God speaks to you today, hold onto one person and share it with them. It is then, bound to release the abundance of Heaven.

At the feet of Jesus, He releases a revelation of His Word to you.

Share them with others even when you think “it may not be relevant”, and see Him multiply greatness around you and them.


Those who ate the loaves were five thousand men [not counting the women and children]. – Mark 6:44

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