Please Him

To those who seek to please God, He gives wisdom and knowledge and joyfulness; but to those who are wicked, God keeps them busy harvesting and storing up for those in whom He delights. Ecclesiastes 2:26a

A man who seeks to please God and walk according to His purposes will discover the beauties hidden in His Presence. Seeking God means being in His presence, walking His way and laying down our control. We, must deliberately cultivate a habit of seeking Him and pleasing Him alone. Then, wisdom, knowledge and joy, wholly permeates our days, months and years.

A man who pleases God is even exempted from toiling. God devises ways where the wicked are gathering wealth, and riches in abundance only to hand it over to the ones who will lean on Christ. To those very ones, who will use their favor to bless others and lead them to the glorious love of the Father.


As we please Him,
Wisdom, Knowledge and Joy permeates our lives.
They bring significance and honor which can never match up to this world’s pleasures.


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