Pray A Prayer

My prayer for the day

91136D28-6243-4965-9FC3-C4718714E4F0I delight in Your plan for me today. It’s not like any other day for me. It’s a day I choose to step into what You have in store for me Abba, Father.

Let this day, my choice, my love and my desires fill Your heart with JOY. My eyes are on You! Let every excitement, anxiety, and blackout moments not tell me that you are small; but Greater and the Greatest in my Life.

Take the Glory for the blessings that you are going to shower and answering prayers that I haven’t prayed for. Exceedingly, abundantly, and more than my imagination will I see your favor today.

In Jesus’ name – Amen!




BY: Neethu Ann Mathew

Proclaim, believe and know who you are in Christ:

I Am what He says

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