Then Jesus told the centurion, “Go. As you have believed, let it be done for you.” And his servant (slave) was cured that very moment.” – Matthew 8:13 

We may have friends, families or other relationships who are slaves to darkness, sicknesses, rebellion and disobedience. But, a heart like the centurion is what God is looking for in each of us. 

A slave! Why would anyone come to God for a slave, especially a rough and tough army official? He could buy another one or think of sending this one away. However tough and rough we are with love, discipline, and holiness; we must move with compassion for the ones who are a part of the family of Christ; and for this world. 

Someone who works for you, office boys, your cleaners, the lady who comes to cook and moreover people who even offer to wash your car; they all matter. Discarding them from our prayer list isn’t something that Jesus expects out of us. So much more should our compassion rise for people we call our own!


The compassion of the centurion for his slave, should provoke us to show immense tenderness towards people who still battle with actions, thoughts and words of slavery. For then we marvel Jesus with our faith. Jesus wasn’t moved when the centurion asked him to command a blessing, but by the love that a mere human being had for his SLAVE. The Father’s heart is what the centurion displayed and that moved Jesus to command the blessing of total wholeness. 

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