“The Lord continued to appear in Shiloh, because there He revealed Himself to Samuel by His word.” 1 Samuel 3:21 


There was a time in Israel where the revelation of the Lord was rare. Mainly because He spoke to selected people only. Samuel was in such a phase where He wasn’t aware of the Word of God. So, when the Lord called Him, He assumed it to be Eli the priest. “Now Samuel had not yet experienced the Lords , because the word of the Lord had not yet been revealed to him.” 1 Samuel 3:7 

Thankfully, Eli was someone who had the understanding who was wanting to speak to Samuel. But if that wasn’t the case, Samuel would have totally missed out. God orchestrated such a moment to test how yielded Samuel was to His authority. Secondly, if this authority was going to honor God even though his position was at risk, and his prominence was at stake. 

God showed favor to Samuel for the sake of Israel by revealing Himself through His Word. Even vision in Hebrew meant an auditory encounter than a visual one. Today, we have those words from the heart of God written. We have access like no one in the history had access to the Word of God. “If you run after Jesus without running through His Word, you will find someone else” – John Piper. There is no revelation of Jesus that causes or births a miracle, apart through the Word of God. 

May God grant us repentance to turn away from anything that distracts us from being nourished, filled and graced with His Word, which is Himself. 

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