Imperishable Seed

No matter what the enemy steals He cannot steal the imperishable deposit of God in us – The seed which birthed us a life, in Christ.

First, we weren’t redeemed through perishable things like gold or silver, neither through the sacrifices of animals. But, by the imperishable and powerful blood of Jesus Christ. (See 1Peter 1:18)

Second, we aren’t beings of perishable procreation. But, born-again by the imperishable seed of the Word of God. (See 1Peter 1:23)

These two affirmations must ignite a revelation, that there is something indestructible within us. The rejections, the loss, the pain, the dishonor or the discouragements cannot touch or shun down what God is sparking within us through His Spirit. Because, we are birthed in His Word. We move and have our being in Jesus Christ.

Death couldn’t hold Him! People could stop Him! The grave couldn’t contain Him! Demons couldn’t frighten Him! The abandonment of His friends couldn’t wear Him! The accusations didn’t overwhelm Him! The hurt couldn’t convince Him that it wasn’t worth it!

This Imperishable Lamb of God takes residence in you. His Spirit reconciles you to God.

My friend, Shake it off! Embrace a good forgettery of the rubbish this world, circumstances and people have thrown your way. Lay them aside! Rise again to shine the imperishable light of the Word of God in you.

Heaven and Earth will pass away, but you, Child of God, birthed in His Word, will live eternally with Him.


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