Spirit of Endurance

Yet, as God’s servants, we prove ourselves authentic in every way. For example: We have great endurance in hardships …,,We don’t lose courage in a time of stress and discouragement”- 2 Corinthians‬ ‭6:4‬ ‭

There are these moments where you feel your prayers are hitting a wall and bouncing back with no result. There could be one particular area you are seeking a breakthrough, an answer, a clarity, a change or a difference. It could have been days, months or years of waiting. And, to the worst, you could have got fed up.

The other day I said with such an ache in my heart, “Lord, I don’t feel like obeying you, desiring for you or loving you”. Though this prayer seems to be so offset, it helped me get up and run the day with the spirit of endurance.

  • Hannah had to have a Peninnah to seek the Lord for a blessing like Samuel.
  • Joseph had to be thrown into the pit by his brothers to understand that God is the lifter of his head, not his dreams.
  • Mary had to be mocked and misunderstood even though she was carrying the very promise of Heaven.
  • Paul had to lose his sight and encounter Jesus to be a slave to righteousness.

All of these people had one thing in common, they endured the pain believing there is a God who heard their prayers and will fulfill His promises. So, they were ready to let their whole self surrender to His perfect will. Today, if there is such a struggle, may God give you the spirit of endurance in the testing, and turn all of those pain to refined gold of faith that moves mountains.


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  1. Persevering even when it doesn’t seem like God is listening is an act of faith. We continue in faith because we know God will come through with some answer!


  2. I am in a season of endurance right now. Enduring a desert is not as hard as enduring inexplicable pain and depression. The only thing that gets me through sometimes is to know that there is a testimony on the other side.


  3. If we intend on finishing the race well these are two things we need. Endurance and perseverance. Faith isn’t for cowards and takes a lot of strength to push past the world and keep our focus on truth.

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