– Feb’18 –

“God, who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did;” #Romans‬‭4:17‬


Let the Holy Spirit guide your lips, thoughts and actions into calling out what was predestined before creation ever took place. Just like God spoke, may the conviction and belief in Christ make you declare aloud ORDER and PEACE into the chaos.

Let this month start opening up new doors so that the wind of grace is set blow from and to the right directions for your elevation.

1-Feb-2018: Call them out

4-Feb-2018: Fruit of the Spirit

5-Feb-2018: Touch of Wholeness

6-Feb-2017: Press On

7-Feb-2018: Skillfulness

11-Feb-2018: Two Voices

12-Feb-2018: The Last

13-Feb-2018: When it Pleased

14-Feb-2018: Look Above

15-Feb-2018: Hope is Love

18-Feb-2018: The Poor

19-Feb-2018: Needs Met- Overflows

20-Feb-2018: Banner of Love

21-Feb-2018: Flawless

22-Feb-2018: Rise up in Intimacy

25-Feb-2018: In Adversity

26-Feb-2018: Treasure

27-Feb-2018: In the Morning

28-Feb-2018: Want to See

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