– Jan’18 –

Death and life are in the power of your tongue; and those who love life will eat its fruit – Proverbs 18: 21

A new year has begun and we all await the greatness of God to show forth in a mightier way, than in 2017. Let this be an year, where we speak life according to the Word of God. Not any kind of positive confession, but confessions that open the doors of Heaven to demolish the powers of negativity and instability. Eat the fruit of the Word of God and fill your heart with His love, then, whatever you say will have a Speedy Completion to showing forth solutions.

Read on:
2-Jan-2018: Accurate Goodness

3-Jan-2018: First: The Father

4-Jan-2018: My Thoughts

7-Jan-2018: Conceive His Word

8-Jan-2018: Triumphant Glow

9-Jan-2018: Restore and Rebuild

11-Jan-2018: The Lord is Your Glory

13-Jan-2018: Pray A Prayer

14-Jan-2018: Lose Sight

15-Jan-2018: How to be Humble?

16-Jan-2018: Land and Vineyards

17-Jan-2018: First and Best

18-Jan-2018: Beauty of your Hands

21-Jan-2018: Aura

22-Jan-2018: Quickness

23-Jan-2018: Put on Love

24-Jan-2018: His Glory

25-Jan-2018: Who told you?

28-Jan-2018: Profit to Praise

29-Jan-2018: Seeking and Calling

30-Jan-2018: Rewarder

31-Jan-2018: Thanking, Worshiping and Beholding

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