Professional Relationship Manager

Love each other (husband, wife, children, sister, brother, colleague, friend, mother, father, aunty, uncle…) as I have loved you. — John 15:12

When it comes to relationships, there’s only one professional who drove this course — Jesus. He’s the one who made relationships, and He’s the one who can empower them and steer them in the right direction. Jesus said,

If our close, far, important and cherished relationships are falling apart is because there is something that we aren’t allowing Jesus to do. We take matters into our own hands and tend to ask Him to stay out of only what He can fix, mend and flourish. 

Much of what we call love is actually polite selfishness.

We say, “I love you,” but we really mean, “I love you because…” “Because of what you do for me, because you’re pretty, because you’re handsome, because you’re smart, because you’re rich.

“As I have loved you,” Jesus said. Jesus Christ can give a power in your relationships that you never dreamed possible — power to love and grow, power so that you are not relationally worn down at the end of every day. 


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