Let’s Pray


“ABBA, Father do not make me too Strong that I fail to rely on you for my strength;
Do not make me too Wise where I fail to have faith in you above my logic;
Do not make me too Holy where I fail to hunger for your presence;
Do not bless my talents if I am not going to encourage others;
Do not enlarge my possession if I fail to respect another person you have send my way for counsel;
And, do not make me too powerful or influential where I fail to submit to your Lordship.

Whatever I am, and however high I soar, help me to know it’s because of who You are and what You have already done for me, in love.

May I do what honor Your name. May I always be humble to never underestimate the negative impact small compromises have on our relationship. May I flood out love, not for popularity but to please You. May I give, not for praise, but for You to be glorified.”

In Jesus’ name – Amen!


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