In that Land

“As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you; you shall be comforted in Jerusalem.” Isaiah‬ ‭66:13‬


This new age prosperity gospel and the total defilement to the abundant life in Christ is embraced by many. Such an illusion and temporal beliefs that has no solid foundation needs a whip.

If there is no trouble, how will you experience the pure, holy and blemishes comfort of the Lord? If everything was materialistically rich, which heart wouldn’t blanket pride? If there was no understanding of our frailty and wretchedness, grace would be pointless. It’s only in famine, you need faith to sow. It’s only in a storm, you need the peace to sleep. It’s only in abandonment of others, you find intimacy with the Lord. It’s only in troubles, you and I will encounter how victoriously Christ in us has overcome them.

It’s not about embracing poverty and saying this is the life we experience if we are truly following Christ. But even when everything is going up the ladder, a heart connected to Him and His Word, is in ache with the burdens that the Lord lays upon our hearts.
Burden to see His glory outshine the darkness in this world. Humility that sets up knowing that we are nothing without him even if we have a millions followers. Empathy to consider the rejected and the unwanted. Stoopping down to the level of a sinner, identify with them and set them to the life Christ died for them to have.

To such the Lord comforts them. He comforts them by allowing them to see how He has turned hearts that rejected him in the land of Israel.

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  1. Very interesting point about the idea that if we were all wealthy, we would have so much pride. While I do not feel God wants us without food or shelter, there is some truth to this.


  2. Each of us experiences grief, loss and need. I love that we can rely on Christ to guide us through it. Thank you for the encouraging post.


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