“Your testimonies also are my delight And my counselors.” PSALM‬ ‭119:24‬ ‭



It’s so important for us to meditate on our testimonies. They counsel us when we feel the impossible lifting up its fangs. They comfort us when we feel the wait has been too long. They pour companionship of the Holy Spirit when we feel utter loneliness.

They remind us of God’s promises when doubt speaks louder. They remind us that grace is lavished daily and his mercies are new every morning. They are the blessings worth counting, and meditating on.

Testimonies causes us to hope and delight in Him above all. If God showed up in incredible ways in the past, nothing should make us think that He won’t do it again. Testimonies loads our hearts with gratefulness. In thanksgiving we see favors of God unfold in mighty ways.

Let every testimony in your life that glorified God be magnified one more time. When you lift Him higher for what He has already done, you will see ways being clearer for Him to do greater things again.

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