“All of these things”

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you” – Matthew 6:33 

The addition, multiplication and the increase will happen ONLY if we are seeking the Kingdom. In other words, Seeking the Kingdom of God means willingly going  through decrease, division (separations), and subtractions from the things that the majority say is good, great and normal. 

Recently God asked me to give up movies and I know it’s a long term desire in the heart of the Father for me. Now that’s personal. I am never against movies. (Present state) – I love watching them with all of my heart. But this one instruction is personal and God sees it so not useful for my life. One of the main reasons, I am quiet addicted to them. To someone else, it could be football matches, TV series, or even somethings as insignificant as cutting down on junk. We all have an extreme moment, a self-indulging kick or an addiction. 

The whole point here is, it’s not about a debate of the good and bad; and opinions. It’s about what is God telling you to pursue after and what is He personally telling you to forsake. We can’t compare it with the majority and say just because they do it, or choose it, it’s okay or good or normal.

Seeking first the Kingdom of God is personal, not collective. The collective falls in place when individually each one of us choose His desires above ours. It’s extremely easy and tingling to go with the flow, the crowd and those feel-good moments. But beloved, the last days are so so near and what are we doing with our time and relationship with God?

We don’t have a millennium left ahead to think that we can yield later, surrender tomorrow or read the Bible after our house chores are done. Then we complain and wonder why aren’t anything falling in place for us. Now when I say falling in place, it doesn’t mean that you have a good car, overflowing money and fame. Falling in place is our inner self coming to a place where we are completely at peace with the timing of His justice, elevation and provisions. 

Yes, God is extremely patient. But, willingly exploiting His patience, faithfulness and unfailing love wouldn’t take us to or keep us in a safe place. Don’t wait for delays to come by to see, “all of these things of Heaven added to your life”. Think of it this way, you won’t intentionally or deliberately go put your hand on fire. Why? Because you know it won’t be just a simple burn. So take a step back from things that satisfy your flesh knowing it would be scorching burns that leave scars of destruction and pain.

Beloved, the patience to see His addition, expansion and multiplication in your life, will be worth every rubbish you let go off. 


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