He comes

“When I needed the Lord, I looked for Him; I called out to Him, and He heard me and responded. He came and rescued me from everything that made me so afraid.” Psalm 34:4

God is covering for you than any of your credit cards could. 

As soon as we discover we have a problem, God is already working on it and the solution is on its way. 

He’s a God of more than enough. His providence can never match our thoughts. But like every promise in the Bible is conditional, so is the promise of providence too. What is the condition? Trusting Him to provide for your daily and future needs. 

Beloved, if only you and I could see the richness that God has set apart in our names, we would be bold, confident and joyful in every circumstances. This doesn’t mean we live anyhow, walk anyhow and spend anyhow. Establishing a balance with the help of the Holy Spirit makes room for more of His goodness to shower forth in our lives. 


Let’s be thankful for the “daily manna” before we get to taste the abundance of “milk and honey”. The manna phase is for a while, but the abundance phase is a permanent promise as long as we willingly keep Him utmost in our lives. Let’s enjoy God when we are alone and have so little, like we would enjoy Him when everything is falling in place. 

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