“For the Lord is our defense; and the Holy One of Israel is our King.” Psalm 89:18


What all we do to justify and defend ourselves? The manipulations, the voice modulations and the inclination to the negative are all accommodated, because we fear that if we don’t defend this, who is going to? 

The defense mechanisms are seen uniquely from person to person; and the end result is minimal productivity, as we are trying to play it safe. Child of God, that’s really not what we are called to. 

We should stop defending, or listing out reasons (excuses) to elevate our own desires and wants. God is our ONLY and our BEST defense. No one can stand against us when He defends us. For such a moment to happen, we have to rely on Him totally, wholly and willfully. Yes, there are instances where we have to make our voice known, but if the motive is selfish then let’s stay silent. Let’s see Him act on our behalf and do great things beyond imagination. 

The more we are craving to be satisfied with His actions, we will be at total peace with our circumstances and people around. Let our faith rise to know we don’t need to take up the responsibility of being a defender when God promises to be Our Excellent Advocate. Let Him take up the case and you watch victory alone, come your way. 

There is a brief struggle to keep silent, an endurance to go through the tough path; but it’s all going to be worth it. 

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