Eternal Pride

“.. I will make you an eternal pride, joy from generation to generation.” – Isaiah 60:15 

Read this promise into the center of your heart. Know that this comes from the mouth of your Father who holds the Universe in the Palms of His hands. 

Today’s people go through this painful phase called, “perceived” rejection and utter rejection. Perceived rejection takes root when you have totally no hope in your own self, circumstances and life. When your perception isn’t breathed with life you tend to take hurt from every direction, even from the irrelevant ones. 

On the other side, some of us maybe going through some real rejection phase. People who hold our so called life together happens to reject everything about us. Our folks, siblings, boss or friends. These people matter and their indifference would be totally painful. 

The pain of rejection was what made Jesus die sooner with a broken heart. He couldn’t take the separation of His Father and all of Him drained out quickly. Crucifixion is slow death, it takes close to a day for the person crucified to die. 

You maybe trying so hard to please people that you love and want acceptance from. All in vain! But take heart, He promises an unfathomable honor to your shame from rejection. He promises to be the lifter of your head and your pride. He promises to make you an irresistible joy to many. 

Shake it off and run into His love! 


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