Everlasting Rock

“Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.” – Isaiah 26:4 

Though everything seems to shake on the outside, let your inner being not be moved. 

He’s an everlasting Rock. 

The Rock that floods out water to every dryness in your life. 

The Rock that balms sweetness to the bitter moments you face. 

The Rock that holds you firm when the storm hits from every side. 

The Rock of ages who goes into your past, and present so that your future is destined to prosper in Love. 

The Rock on which you are being build so that no deadly circumstances will prevail against you. 

The Rock you can lean on and see angels ascending and descending to do everything for you, on His behalf. 

The Rock who is always faithful, always true and always for you. 

The Rock who is your exceedingly great reward when you have no penny left; or when you are extremely tight.

So when you can’t take it anymore, look at the Rock to which every mountain has to bow down. 


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