He draws you

Sometimes we try to explain and give proofs to what efforts we have put in tirelessly; because we feel if we don’t explain enough people don’t get it.

Just want to assure you, do your best with God’s help and His Power. Do all that you have to do with a right motive aligned with the Word of God and leave the rest into His hands.

For the past few months, the only thing God’s been constantly teaching me is “I am your ONE defense”. When God is for you who can be against you? What can be against you? Even when you see the entire scenario not favor you; don’t be shaken up. Because the One who is in your boat is able to and will tell those storms to “BE STILL”.

He is calling you to walk on water even when He knows you wouldn’t focus on Him on the way. He knows you will slip and but He is there to

“.. reach down from heaven and take  hold of you; He pulls you out of deep waters.” Psalms 18:16


Go forth into this day, knowing you are rewarded a new day to experience His goodness and the breeze of His favor. 

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