His Goodness

“For I have said, “Goodness and lovingkindness will be built up forever; In the heavens [unchangeable and majestic] You will establish Your faithfulness.”” PSALM 89:2 

When we think of His goodness and loving kindness, let’s not mistake them for instant answers to prayers and relief that we assume to be apt for our situations. 

They are seen when He closes the mouth of lions, walks with you in the fire, parts the Red Sea when an army is coming against you, perfecting His strength in your insurmountable weakness, holding you tight when you can’t hold yourself up anymore… you can see His loving kindness, when he whispers, “I am doing more for you than any man could possibly do for you, hold on. I will not give up on you.”

Today rely on His unchanging Faithfulness. He’s a Father who will always treat you like you are His only favorite. He knows how to, even though He is got million others as His children. 

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