“Let there Be”

Meditating and proclaiming the Word of God does wonders to our thinking patters. In just about a matter of time we start to understand that there is possibility in the way Jesus asks us to live. Not because it is an obligation for being a Christian, but because those are the ways that separates us to live with Power, Love, Soundness and with great Impact. He came to bring Heaven on Earth and gives us the same mandate. Without His Word becoming the penultimate of our lives, it is impossible to live a totally satisfied life each and every single day.

Here are 9 proclamations (Pg. 2) from the word of God which you can proclaim over yourself and to every member of the Body of Christ. As you do, we believe that chains will be broken, bondage will shatter and the glory of the Spirit of God will invade deep into every soul.

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