It will happen

“The Lord answered Moses, “Is the Lord’s power limited? You will see whether or not what I have promised will happen to you.”” – Numbers 11:23 


When I climb the heights;

Lord, You alone are my guarantee.

When I am low in the valley deep;

You are my strength in abundance.

When I am in utter despair;

You are my joyous fall back.

When I am afraid and anxious;

You are my Salvation and Acceptance.

When I am in inexplainable chaos;

You are my Breath of Order.

When I fail to see Hope;

You open my eyes to your wonders

When I feel “never” loved or cared for;

You take me to the Calvary and put me on your shoulder.

When I find an excuse to sin;

Jesus, you show me your nail pierced hands.

When I stumble and fall in shame;

You are my advocate and my restorer.

When I flaunt in fame and comfort;

Lord, remind me, “Not my Life, but Yours”

When I have achieved and excelled;

Lord help me to be sensitive to genuine hearts;

And patient with the slow ones.

Let us always live from the point of immense Faith that OUR GOD is never, for a moment, out of CONTROL. He is Faithful, Sovereign and a GOOD Father. 


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