Lose Sight


Fix your eyes on Jesus the pioneer and perfecter of Our Faith – Hebrews 12:2

Looking at Jesus and hearing Him call, Peter stepped out and walked on the same water that a while ago he feared would drown him. Peter lost sight of the storms, the raging waves and winds when His whole focus on Jesus stayed undivided.

But, even when his focus failed; he bustled, “Save me Lord!”. It’s okay to let an outcry to the Lord when you feel like everything around is drowning you. He is starter and finisher of your faith.

A faith that wants to make you look at Him,
A faith that stirs an yearning for you to hear His voice,
A faith that makes you takes risks,
A faith that lets you lose sight of the storms,
A faith that makes you trample on destructions;
A faith that makes you see open Heavens,
A faith that helps you believe in Him with your all;
A faith that makes you willing to obey Him.

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