Glory, is My Clothing

The very day I disobeyed, sin wrapped me with its evil clutches;
Your heart broke because of my unfaithfulness.

Still You came searching for this fallen being,
Who thought that fig leaves could make up for my fall.

All You wanted me to say was, “Daddy I’m sorry”;
Instead I pointed my fingers at You and creation.

Yet You did not despise me, but in love you made a garment;
That covered my scarlet sin and shamefulness.

Keeping me home was not any more a good plan,
As my state was miserable and awful.

Your heart could not tolerate this separation;
Because You created me to be with you all while.

Though reluctantly you closed the doors of paradise;
You sketched the best plan for my restoration.

You continuously told me that I belong to none but You;
No lover was worthy of me except You- the One who gave me breath.

Yet life on earth was tiresome and I was missing home each moment;
I cried in misery and agony as a mother in delivery pain.

Longing to return home, I worked all hard to keep myself up to Your mark;
Only to realize that never could I attain Your Holiness by my toil.

Feeling deep compassion, You said aloud in Heaven, “It is time”,
In alertness, creation stopped to see what You would do for Your Bride.

“I am taking Your place”, you said, which was beyond impossibility;
Angels wondered, neither could I fathom it at its fullness.

“My beloved I want you back because I love you”, was your heart’s story,
“To bring you back I will give my life in exchange of yours”.

Bewildered and puzzled, angels did their work to make this possible;
A slip was given to one of them which had a Nazarene woman’s address.

The angel wondered again if God made a mistake in His Perfection,
Especially when he had to say, “Woman you are going to conceive God in Your womb”.

Yet it happened exactly as planned the very first time I fell;
Leaving His indescribable Glory behind, He took my place in His Sinless state.

Never did I think that eternal condemnation was my ultimate punishment,
For not standing right with the One who made me in His Image.

Setting me aside, He told the enemy I am taking her back to where she belongs;
Laughing and mocking the evil one asked for a High Price- My Saviour’s Blood.

Yeshua, in reply said, “I am ready to be crucified but you will not win”.
Being helpless I saw them strike and beat up My Lord and Lover.

Bruised, nailed and burdened He stood on the Cross of Calvary,
His death was what I witnessed in unbelief that His plan would succeed.

His last breath, heavens shook, graves opened, clouds thundered, lighting flashed;
Temple veil tore from bottom to top and all said, “Truly this is the SON of the Most High”.

I saw My Daddy being laid inside the tomb with all sorts of questions bombarding my mind;
I did not understand where salvation is; neither did I think victory existed.

But just three days, something happened to me that was unusual but supernatural;
I opened my eyes to see myself back to the Glorious Place of My Lord.

Looking at my left I saw the Lord of lords in His Majesty and Honor;
Leaping with Joy I knew Resurrection was the key for my Restoration.

“Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty”, I sang to my Husband;
Carrying me in His arms of love He whispered my name and said:
“Eternity will not have a meaning without you My Beloved”


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