I have been birthed in God’s womb from eternity;
Me, the “heavenite” enjoyed the best of everything in heaven.
My God called me a conqueror and made angels to serve me;
I lived there without limits and full of purity and possibilities.

Then, one day Daddy looked down on this planet,
And He knew it was time to bring in the change to mark history,
He called me beside and told me to get ready to ‘GO’.
Without a question, I was born here.

I just did not imagine that it would be a “messy” disorder;
But, as days passed I knew His plans were to prosper me.
Struggles made me learn that He is the God who carves possibilities,
And every goodness I can count on is unfolded through Him.

Falling into the fancies of the world, once again made me want to give up;
Again sweet Holy Spirit reminded me that I am Christ’s ambassador.
My source comes from heaven and hunger for sin is dead to me;
Rising again I pressed forward to fulfil the upward call.

Daily I grew with maturity and, productivity shaped to be my habit,
Then the Prince of Peace networked me to be with his ordained saints;
Swiftly success came to me and without an iota of doubt I knew;
I am co-heir with Christ and the blessings of Abraham will flow on me.

Time of refining the gross in me came by and this time with Holy Fire;
Even then I was sure that I could trust in His faithfulness.
Not for a second the Mighty One would forget me ever,
Because He engraved my Name on His palm.

In all this I was fully assured that His unfailing love never ceases;
New mercies and grace are following me daily,
Making me confident that I am complete in Him always,
And He is more than all my wants and all my needs.

I was convinced totally that the time of delivery is near;
The pain was bearable but not easy;
Still, joy exceeded to outline my surroundings with glee,
Because, the One who saved me dwells in me.

These years of serving the Lord never wasted away;
Glory to glory and faith to faith were my stepping stones.
My heart rejoiced and overflowed with thanksgiving for what He did,
The hour of triumph was approaching nearer and sooner.

The imperishable seed planted in me has now become a shade to many;
Greater works than His time my hands did, for that High was his calling on me,
That marvelous were His sketching about my life.
Soon, grace marked my qualification for a glorious inheritance.

Now, with boldness and in humility, I declare;
‘I’m His chosen one and never a mistake,
And He has loved me with an everlasting love,
Oh! I now know that I am His address’
Speedily arrived the time for departure;

“Well done”, were the words that echoed from heaven,
And I am going back home to sing again;
“Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty”.

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