No more pain, but Joy

“…There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” –┬áRevelation 21:4


All I prayed for, was a miracle,
Like a dead man coming back to life.

Eleven years of knowing her,
I couldn’t give up but keep knocking.

Dreams of a newly formed person,
Gave me immense hope to pray more.

One day she was in terrible pain;
I ached and said, “God do something!”

It didn’t stop and she groaned,
Yet when she saw us, her face lit.

Oh, that smile! “Heavenly”, I exclaimed;
She recognized him, ‘her best friend’.

Today she’s in the arms of the Father;
No more tears, no more pain, but Joy!

“Wasn’t there another way to this?”
I asked with such heaviness in my heart.

“What else is good than my bosom?”
Those words brought the curve back on my face.

“Yes, Lord! Thank you for she’s with you;
You are good and forever will be”.

Dedicated this to a little girl of eleven years old. She’s gone to be with the Lord. Suffered from neurological complications and few others too. Annette, was always someone close to us, and she became precious because of the love God gave us for her. My husband loves to be called her ‘best friend’ while her mother affirms it too. Death or goodbye from this world isn’t the end. Easier said; only people who had to live without their loved ones know how painful it is to go forward. So would you take sometime and pray for the ones who have had to bid farewell to their dear ones? Jesus be their comfort, hope and abundance.

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