Revolution Begins

It is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved. -Romans 10:10

It is one thing to have faith in our heart and another to profess it with boldness. The true test of authentic faith is our readiness to display it to others which is only possible if we have genuine love for others. In other words, you cannot love God and hate people. Anyone who doesn’t love, doesn’t have God in Him. Because God is Love.

When we try to keep our faith to ourselves out of fear of  getting judged  as religious  fanatic, becoming unpopular or offending people with difference of opinion; we are in fact letting them to go on with the journey through the dark tunnel plunging into eternal fire.

If you really care, let others know of the hope you’ve in Yeshua. Let them also enjoy the freedom that has embraced you the day you became one of His own. Above and beyond the whispers of the dark-powers, refuse to be a hypocrite and spread the Truth in every way possible. Yes, it’s time for cutting-off our subtle allegiance to the enemy and start the rebellion of standing firm for His Truth of Love. Revolution begins with us passing the message of Jesus; YHWH’s angels will guard you.


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