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It is kept Ready!

I was at church on a Friday afternoon and happened to sit next to a mother with her wonderful baby. During the sermon she asked me for help to make her baby’s milk as her little one was showing signs of real hunger. While I was making the milk according to the instructions, I realized…

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This was one “message” (title) I never wanted to think of or experience in my life. But, no matter how much I prayed for this cup of offense to pass by me, it never did. Let me put forward to you an experience of a crazy offense. I fell into the bait of offense when…

Forgiveness leads to Unconditional Love


Bosom of Rest

Restlessness is the fruit of worry, anxiety, complains, ego or even nursed wounds of the past. “Rest” is the fruit of undeniable and unshakable TRUST in the Lord of Eternity. It is in this state of trust, a character change happens, new and refined ‘you’ comes forth and the true reflection of Christ is seen.…

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