The Imperishable

“for you have been born again [that is, reborn from above–spiritually transformed, renewed, and set apart for His purpose] not of seed which is perishable but [from that which is] imperishable and immortal, that is, through the living and everlasting word of God.” 1 PETER 1:23 

Look at those high, overwhelming, humongous mountains in your life; with the heart of Faith see them move, destroyed and thrown. 

May be it’s the dryness, or the pressure. It could be the pain, or the numbness. It could be the problem, or the confusion. It could be the stagnation, or the burdens. It could be the loneliness, or the crowd. 

Whatever it may be; Christ has overcome everything that this world exalts or lets down. He took the world out of each of us and replaced it with Himself – the Word of God. Today take time to remember that You were BORN AGAIN. This new birth of yours is a birth of Choice. The choice to know that you are imperishable, indestructible, and precious in Christ. 


Let His Word endure in you through your phase of now. As you Hold fast to His grace and promises; soon you will step Higher, Closer and Deeper into The pleasures of His Goodness. 

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