The Lifeline of Faith

“For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also” – James 2:26

Abraham’s belief to sacrifice his long-awaited son was an action of complete trust in the Almighty One. Which means, he didn’t complaint, he didn’t question, he didn’t pray that God would change the demand, he didn’t cast demons out and didn’t let anxiety and panic grip him. The only good work we see here is a flawless trust in the One who asked something so unimaginable from him. 

What does flawless trust mean? A trust that is displayed with a clean conscience. Someone asked a question, “I meet many ladies at work who would want to be with me and do all that I would ever ask for. I resist all of it because of my love and commitment to my wife. But when I get back home, she’s cribbing, complaining, ungrateful, insensitive, and unwelcoming. How long do you think I should hold on? Or rather how long can I hold on?” The preacher replied to his question with another profound question, “What if God is more concerned about teaching you to be Holy than to be happy?”

Most of the times we have every reason to lay back and excuse ourselves because of our limitations, requirements, needs and issues. But, God is looking for us to rise up so that we are not entirely focused on what He can do for us, but what He is yearning to do THROUGH us. 

Yes, it gets difficult to love someone who never greets you, to forgive someone who hurt you and to give when you know there are debts that is weighing you down. It’s easy to complain to someone when things are going  wrong, but our good work that breathes life to our faith come in keeping quiet and enduring the struggle with Christ. Because we believe that glory will show up. 

Are we doing a good work of maintaining our royalty as children of God? Behaving just like we would behave if we had everything settle for us? 

It’s such kind of faith that moves mountains, heals the sick, cast out demons and evil spirits. It’s only this faith which is life-lined with good works of trustworthy actions, breathes into the chaos and brings order. 


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