Wise and Foolish

“Now the foolish ones said to the wise, ‘Give us some of your oil, since our lamps are going out.’ But the wise ones replied, ‘No, there won’t be enough for us and for you. Instead, go to those who sell, and buy some for yourselves.’” Matthew 25:8-9 


You must say ‘no’ to certain helps. But with the confidence that the NO is from and for the Lord. Sharing is caring, but not always and all the time. Sometimes when you share to run out of your own oil, you will definitely miss out. 


Many of us cannot take a NO for an answer. Certain others take it as unpardonable offence. That’s why we have to face many crimes arising and its root issue would be from a person who didn’t say a No, or was forced to say Yes. 


The reason, the wise brides told the foolish ones NO, was only because both of them won’t benefit in the sharing process. We need to be so wise to whom we give our time and how much we give it. If it’s not edifying and getting us one more step closer to Christ, then we are as equal as the foolish brides. 


Being prepared is a vital factor for a Christian who awaits God to show up and bless them. Lousy attitude makes us miss out. Even more with a naive or unwise approach. 


So let this sink deep. When people say a no, don’t always think they are doing this because they care less or are arrogant. That ‘No’, many at times is what God desires for us to hear so that we turn to Him and tell Him, “God we have tried catching fish all while but in vain. It’s a ‘NO Fish’ state”. Respect people not when they are nice to you according to the way you want it, but also for their individuality. If they are saying a NO to you when God wants them to say a YES; don’t you think, He will help you even more abundantly when you haven’t reciprocated or retributed with negativity? 

wise and foolish.png


Again, taking an extra mile like Jesus on the cross and saying a NO to share your oil are two different things. Only the wisdom we attain from being in the presence of God can lead us to the right place in the right time, We need to save up and carry our extra strength, energy and resources for the Lord. Just because there is a delay, it’s definitely not wise to exhaust them or not prepare. Our waiting periods are the crucial moments of our lives. It may be years, days, or months. But do we have extra oil? Enough oil to keep our lamps burning when He shows up?


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