With Him

“With Your help, I can conquer an army; with Your help, I can vault over walls.” 2 Samuel 22:30

Someone who holds the stars and puts them in its place will not miss to put things in place for you. 

The chaos that you see today, the confusion that you face today, and the hopelessness that you feel today will not have a place forever. For when God blows His Breath; Order, Clarity and Life should paint its best on the canvas of your days, months and years. 

I was reading Todd White say, when the enemy squeezes you Jesus must come out. And, while reading it I realized; if Jesus comes out of you in your challenges, negativity, delays, pressure and cluelessness, the enemy cannot stand it.

Satan’s intention, while orchestrating such situations is to show off the worst in us. But, when he sees even in those, only Jesus is glorified, exalted and believed in; he will stop. 


That’s why, when we murmur, complain or stop hoping again, stop forgiving, stop reaching out; we don’t see our problems dissolve. 

With God we can; you can, your loved ones can leap over a wall. If you still think you cannot, then be sure, He is faithful to crumble those walls right before you. 

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